We recently announced the release of Historical Odds for both NFL and NBA searches. And now we're announcing that MLB Historical Odds search is live on statmuse.com.

You can search run lines, over/unders, team performance as favorites/underdogs, performance against the spread and many others all the way back to the 2016 baseball season.

Check out the examples below highlighting some World Series and Braves historical odds searches to celebrate with the newest World Series champs. Search StatMuse odds, save time.

World Series Questions

Braves record on the road as underdogs in the playoffs

What’s the Astros record against the run line in the playoffs this year?

Braves odds in the World Series

What is the Astros record as home favorites on Tuesdays?

O/U this World Series

Which team is worse against the run line, Astros or Braves?

When was the last time an underdog won Game 6 of the World Series?

More Examples

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