October 27th, 2015

We’re thrilled to announce our beta platform is now open to the public — just in time for the NBA season. No beta key required. Just sign up now and start searching NBA stats!

What is StatMuse?

StatMuse is the fastest and easiest way to explore sports. We use artificial intelligence to provide instant visual answers to all your must-know stats questions. Search using simple, natural language to create content that can be shared and discovered by the StatMuse community.

Search. Share. Discover.

New features

Data Improvements

Justin Kubatko, creator of basketball-reference.com, joined the StatMuse team in August and made significant upgrades to our existing database, giving us one of the most comprehensive and accurate NBA databases available to the public. We also now update the database shortly after each game during the season. Find out how that standout performance you just witnessed stacks up historically, right after the game!

Search Feedback

Search like a pro with feedback from StatMuse. Results show how a question was interpreted so you can add precision to your searches.

Interactive Shot Charts and Automatic GIFs

Advanced shot charts with expanded search functionality and more interactive results. Search for “cumulative shots” and share to StatMuse or social media to auto-animate as a GIF.

lebron's progress last season 👑
lebron james cumulative shots by week in 2014-15www.statmuse.com


Linsanity is Dead 💀
jeremy lin ppg + apg + rpg in feb 2012, march 2012-may 2015www.statmuse.com

Let your voice be heard! Add your commentary to illuminate a player’s greatness, settle an argument, or just talk trash about your rival team.

Coming Soon…

We just made our first big leap from private beta. Future updates will include:

  • Faster search. Same great search, faster results
  • Expanded search database. Coaching and salary data, player bio info and much more
  • Comments on shared searches. Never let a sports debate go unsettled again
  • Official mobile app. Native iOS app coming soon
  • New sports. MLB, NFL and more

Private Beta

A year ago, we opened a private beta of StatMuse with much fanfare. Much to our surprise, our beta reached 145+ countries! Thank you to everyone, especially our earliest adopters, for the incredible enthusiasm. We are excited to usher in the next chapter for StatMuse!

Stay Tuned

Public beta launch is the first of many exciting updates from StatMuse. We look forward to unveiling more in a series of blog posts over the coming weeks.

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