Unlock the most powerful AI for sports & finance with pilot membership

At StatMuse, our passion for software, data and art fuels our mission to create an open and permissionless creative platform for sports & finance, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

We've experienced incredible growth over the past year and welcomed a surge of power users, whose wide range of usage patterns we’re trying to better understand.

Today, we're excited to announce our StatMuse+ pilot membership, designed to deliver the most powerful and comprehensive experience for avid StatMusers worldwide.

StatMuse+ is available for $20/month with the following benefits across all of NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA, Fantasy Football and Money:

  • Unlimited prompts
  • 2x data in results (unlimited in Money)
  • Zero ads
  • Personalized search history
  • Early access to API, new datasets, AI features and more

The goal of this pilot program is to learn and iterate on our premium offering before our next slate of product releases. We aim to strike a balance between serving both the power and general StatMuser, in an effort to remain a valuable resource across the spectrum of engagement and utility.

Commitment to the Muse Family

We believe value-for-value networks are the future of the web, especially given recent advancements in AI.

During the StatMuse+ pilot, we plan to run several experiments on different prompt limits and monetization options to create the best offering for the fast-growing Muse Family.

Our data suggests the prompt limit should only impact ~1% of StatMusers at this time. Free users will still see the same amount of data in prompt results as before. Additionally, we carefully chose to soft launch this pilot membership after our peak traffic season to minimize the impact on our community.

StatMuse AI for All

Our vision is to be ubiquitous and accessible to all. No StatMuser should go without full access to our AI platform due to economic constraints. To that end, we’re announcing our referrals and bounties initiatives:

Referrals: StatMuse+ members receive 30% recurring monthly revenue share on referrals and new sign ups receive 50% discount for the first 3 months. Join here.

Bounties: Permissionless paid bounties and grants for stats, code and content contributions. To start, we're giving away a year of StatMuse+ to the top 100 Muse accounts and contributors. Stay tuned for more info.

What's Next

We've been investing heavily in infrastructure improvements to accommodate scale and to open-source as much of statmuse.com as possible in the future.

Later this year, StatMuse+ members will get early access to our API, which today 20+ professional sports teams are utilizing to natively integrate StatMuse AI in their mobile and web apps.

We're looking to add more advanced stats for our most popular domains and expand into F1, IPL and more. We've already built historical stats databases for the Premier League and College Football.

The world of AI has changed more than we ever imagined since launching StatMuse in 2014. Artificial General Intelligence is upon us and we’re more excited than ever to build the best-in-class AI platform for sports & finance to power the next generation of creators.

Sign up for StatMuse+ today to support the future of StatMuse.