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StatMuse is ready to meet all your fantasy football needs on Alexa with the Matthew Berry skill. Get season-long fantasy questions answered by ESPN’s Senior Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry himself — including up-to-the-minute stat projections, rankings and comparisons to help you set your lineup, make roster moves and bring home a trophy. 🏆

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Player Outlook and Projections Examples

Get weekly projections and rankings
  • What is your projection for Ezekiel Elliott this week?
  • What is your outlook for Odell Beckham, Jr.?
  • What do you think about Baker Mayfield this week?
  • What are your thoughts on Tom Brady?
  • How will the Vikings defense do this week?
  • What is your projection for Amari Cooper this week?
  • How many fantasy points will Delanie Walker put up this week?
  • How many fantasy points will Latavius Murray score?

Roster Management Examples

Draft Examples (Preseason Only)

Get draft advice before the season begins
  • Should I pick Devonta Freeman or Leonard Fournette?
  • Should I draft Antonio Brown or T.Y. Hilton?
  • Would you take Todd Gurley or Derrick Henry?
Compare up to four players at once
  • O.J. Howard, Evan Engram, Delanie Walker or Jimmy Graham?
  • Will A.J. Green be a factor this season?
  • JuJu or Tyreek?

Start/Sit Examples

Compare players for a recommendation on who to start each week
  • Should I start Josh Jacobs or David Montgomery?
  • Should I sit Jameis Winston or Dak Prescott?
  • Should I go with Mark Ingram or Kenyan Drake as my flex?
  • Pick one out of Kenny Golladay and John Ross.
  • Pick one from Tyler Lockett, Corey Davis or Tevin Coleman.
  • Who do you like out of Tyler Boyd or Sammy Watkins?
Get recommendations on which D/ST to play
  • Should I start the Rams defense or the Jets defense?
  • Which defense should I go with — the Chargers or the Lions?
  • Titans or Texans?

Add/Drop Examples

Compare players to know who to add/drop
  • Would you drop Cam Newton to add Lamar Jackson?
  • Do you recommend adding Josh Allen and dropping Kirk Cousins?
  • Should I add Carlos Hyde and drop Jordan Howard?
  • Is it a good idea to add Frank Gore and drop Allen Robinson?
  • Should I pick up Royce Freeman and drop Phillip Lindsey?

Trade Examples

Get trade advice
  • Should I trade Adam Thielen for Stefon Diggs?
  • Should I swap Kyler Murray for Carson Wentz?
  • Is it a good idea to trade Zach Ertz for Le’Veon Bell?
  • Would you take Josh Gordon for A.J. Green?
  • Would you rather have Aaron Jones or Todd Gurley?
  • Should I trade the Bills defense for the Colts defense?

Status Update Examples*

Get injury reports and status updates
  • What is the injury status of Le’Veon Bell?
  • What’s the status of Drew Brees?
  • Did DeSean Jackson practice this week?
  • How did James Conner do this week?
  • How many fantasy points did Jacoby Brissett score?

*Weekly injury statuses and practice updates available after teams have released their official reports

Bye Weeks Examples

Get bye week reminders
  • When is Russell Wilson’s bye week?
  • When are the Texans on their bye week?

Historical Fantasy Stats Examples

Get in-depth fantasy history
  • Who scored the most fantasy points last season?
  • Which Chiefs wide receiver has the most receptions so far this season?
  • Which running back averaged the most fantasy points per game last season?
In-season performance updates
  • How did O.B.J. do last week?
  • Who has the most fantasy points per game in a season?
  • Which tight end scored the most fantasy points last season?
  • Which team defense scored the fewest fantasy points in 2018?
  • What are the most fantasy points in a season by Aaron Rodgers?

All-Access Premium Subscription

Answers tailored to your specific fantasy team

Take the next step toward a fantasy championship and get customized advice and updates tailored to your actual fantasy team. As a subscriber ($14.99 annually, or $12.00 for Prime members), you can tell Matthew Berry your roster to get automatic status reports, detailed matchup info and have every question answered based on the lineup you already have. Simply ask something like “Who should I start at running back this week?” or “Who should I drop in order to add Daniel Jones?” and get an answer that takes into account the players you have and their outlooks for both the week at hand and the rest of the season.

  • Who should I start in my Flex spot this week?
  • Who should I drop to pick up Jameis Winston?
  • What are the latest updates for my players?

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