Get Answers That Help You Set the Perfect Lineup

StatMuse can answer DFS players’ basketball questions in their native tongue — DraftKings and FanDuel points. Get instant answers based on the two major sites’ unique scoring systems before locking in the perfect lineup. Here are a few examples of how to take advantage of this feature.

Specific stats included are accurate as of the date of publication and may have since changed.

Game Logs

One of the most common DFS-related questions on StatMuse is in regard to players’ game logs. To get a simple game-by-game breakdown, ask for a specific player’s DraftKings (DK) or FanDuel (FD) points “by game” over a specific time period. Asking “per game” will give a single average and not specifying a time period will only return the first few games of a player’s career. So, something like What is Kevin Durant’s DraftKings points by game this season?” will return a graph highlighting his DK points and a data table with his other relevant stats.

What is Kevin Durant’s DraftKings points by game this season?

If you’d like to see a specific stat in the data table that isn’t listed by default, simply add “list [stat]” to the end of your question. For example, to see Kevin Durant’s usage by game in addition to his DraftKings points, ask What is Kevin Durant’s DraftKings points by game this season; list usage?and the data table will include a column for usage while keeping his DK points prominently featured in the bar graph.

What is Kevin Durant’s DraftKings points by game this season; list usage?

Match Ups

Game logs can even be specified by opponent to get an idea of how a player has done against a particular opponent. Just add “vs [opponent]” to your game log question.

What is James Harden’s FanDuel points by game vs. the Thunder in the last 2 seasons?

To see how a player has performed vs. a team relative to how he’s done against every other team, you can rank his average DFS points by opponent. You can drill that down by a specific timeframe to get only the most recent results or even filter it by a player’s team affiliation.

What is James Harden’s most FanDuel points per game by opponent with the Rockets?

Playing Time

Filter your results by a player’s actual time on the court by averaging DFS points based on common designations like per 48 minutes,” per 36 minutes, or even per minute.”

Who has the most FD per minute this season with at least 10 MPG?

Be sure to use a minutes limitation like “with at least 10 MPG” to filter out any outliers who may have scored two points in their one minute of garbage-time action.

You can even ask game-level questions based on starter/reserve status by adding “off the bench” to see which players still contribute despite not being in their team’s starting lineup.

Who has the most FD in a game this season off the bench?

Home/Road Splits

See if a player needs the roar of the home crowd in order to produce by asking using at home,” on the road or even both at the same time for a side-by-side comparison.

What is Steph Curry’s DK per game last season at home, on the road?

Even specific game log questions can be broken down by whether the action was at home or on the road.

What is Stephen Curry’s DK by game vs the Spurs on the road?

And, again, find out how a player’s home/road performance against a specific team compares to that of his other opponents.

What is Stephen Curry’s lowest DK per game by opponent on the road?

With, Without

If a player is a last-minute scratch or a superstar goes down with a season-ending injury, it’s easy to project who may benefit from his absence by using the “with, without” function. See how a specific player’s performance is affected by a specific teammate being inactive by asking for that player’s stats “with, without” his teammate.

What was Kawhi Leonard’s FD per game last season with, without Tony Parker?

Furthermore, you can see how the absence of a player affects all of his teammates by breaking it down by player.

What was the Spurs’ FD per game last season by player with, without Tony Parker?

Please note that asking about stats with or without a player is based on whether or not the player in question was inactive for an entire game, not based on when he was on the court and on the bench in a specific game.

Back-to-Backs/Day of Rest

See if fatigue plays a factor by asking about back-to-backs to see how a player does on the second of consecutive games.

What was Carmelo Anthony’s DraftKings by game last season on back-to-backs on the road?

You can break it down even further to see how a player performs based on a specific number of days of rest. Look to the data table to get a full display of stats based on how many days of rest (DR) a player has between games in a given timeframe.

What was Carmelo Anthony’s DraftKings per game last season by days of rest?

Points Allowed By Position

Finally, get an idea of which defenses may be vulnerable to specific players by seeing how many DFS points a team allows to a certain position. You can even specify only starters so that the garbage-time crew doesn’t affect the overall averages.

Which team allows the most FanDuel per game to starting point guards this season?

You can also drill down how specific positions perform against specific players.

Which center has the highest FD per game vs. Pau Gasol with at least 10 games played?

You can even break that down by game to get an overview of how a position has done recently against a specific player or team.

What is the FD by game for starting point guards vs Chris Paul this season?

Additional Research

These are just a few examples of how StatMuse can be used to answer questions to help with DFS research. If you want to learn more about what the platform can do, start with our basic NBA tutorial series and get a breakdown of every stat supported in our Basketball Statistics Glossary. Also, follow our resident DFS pro, Jeff Collins (aka JeffElJefe), to see examples of how he uses StatMuse for his own research.

If you need any help asking a specific question, click the blue chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of any StatMuse page or send us a Tweet.