StatMuse is the most powerful research tool for fantasy football fans. Get instant answers to trillions of questions, from rankings and projections to player comparisons and stats. Below are 25 questions to get you started in your quest to dominate your fantasy football league.


1. Who is the top-ranked quarterback?

2. Where do you rank Kamara in PPR?

3. Rookie with the most fantasy points last year in half PPR

4. Which receiver averaged the most fantasy points per game last season?

5. Most fantasy points by a kicker in the last 3 seasons


6. CMC projection for this season

7. Who will be the best RB this week?

8. Should I start Dak?

9. Which defense should I draft?

10. Who should I draft at WR in standard league?


11. Who had more fantasy points last season? Chubb or Saquon?

12. Ja’Marr Chase, Tyreek Hill or Cooper Kupp?

13. Who should I draft? Kittle or Waller?

14. Should I go with the Ravens defense or the Colts defense?

15. Who had more touches last year? Josh Jacobs or Najee Harris?


16. Most targets by a WR in the last 3 years

17. RB with the most yards per attempt last season, min 100 att

18. Most sacks+ interceptions+fumble recovery by a team last season

19. Scrimmage yard leader in the last 3 seasons

20. Which QB led last season in passing+rush yards?

By Week

21. How many PPR points did DeVonta Smith have in each game last year?

22. Most fantasy points in Week 1 last season

23. Jonathan Taylor touches by game last year

24. Which week did Justin Herbert have his most fantasy points last season?

25. Which RB had the most PPR points in Week 16 last year?

This is just a small sample of the breadth and depth of fantasy football questions you can ask StatMuse to help take home the trophy this year. See all the football stats we support in our football statistics glossary and do your own searches on StatMuse. Muse on.