Discussing the Shaq/Kobe Lakers with Howard Beck

In the fifth episode of the StatMuse podcast “Stat Stories,” Chad Shanks & Justin Kubatko are joined by Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck to discuss the 2000–2002 Lakers, the NBA’s last great Empire. Listen to the audio below and browse through the embedded StatMuse searches mentioned in the episode.

As the Mamba ⬆️, the Diesel ⬇️ | statmuse
kobe, shaq ppg by season in the playoffs with the lakers from 1996 to 2004statm.us

At first Kobe shoot a little, but eventually, Kobe shoot a lot. | statmuse
kobe bryant shots in the playoffs from 1996 to 2004 by seasonstatm.us

The Showtime Lakers had the best offensive season ever. | statmuse
highest offensive rating by a team in a seasonstatm.us

Those same Lakers also had the best offensive playoff stretch. | statmuse
highest offensive rating by a team in a season in the playoffsstatm.us

In their second title run, Shaq & Kobe's Lakers had the best playoff stretch ever. | statmuse
highest winning percentage by a team in a playoffsstatm.us

After a rough start, Shaq dominated the postseason paint for L.A. | statmuse
shaquille o'neal shots in the playoffs for the lakers by seasonstatm.us

Shaq was 💪 in the Finals for LA. | statmuse
shaq ppg, rpg, fg% in the finals with the lakersstatm.us

Wiley role players Derek Fisher & Robert Horry played more playoff games than anyone, many of them…
most career playoff games by a playerstatm.us

"Average Shot Rob" overall, but "Big Shot Rob" when the game was on the line. | statmuse
robert horry cumulative shots in the playoffs with the lakers by seasonstatm.us

Shaq & Kobe Reflect on Their Tumultuous Past