The Legendary Life and Career of Manute Bol

In the fourth episode of the StatMuse podcast “Stat Stories,” Chad Shanks & Justin Kubatko dive into the legendary career and inspirational life of Manute Bol. Listen to the audio below and browse through the embedded StatMuse searches mentioned in the episode.

This Episode’s Opening Song

Manute’s Account of His Early Life & Killing a Lion

Manute Bol shattered the record for blocks by a rookie & it still stands today.
most blocks in a season by a

No one came close to matching Manute's blocking proficiency. 🙌
most blocks per 36 minutes by a player; minimum 100

"You've only attempted 3 threes in your career? Go ahead & throw up 91 this season!" - Don Nelson
manute bol 3pa by

For a short time, 7' 7" Manute Bol held the record for most threes made in a game by a center.
most 3pm in a game by a

Watch the amazingness that is the Manute Bol 3-point shot

most blocks per game by a player; minimum 100

Manute blocked shots at an insane rate when on the floor, but didn't play enough to make it higher…
most career blocked shots by a

Defense = 👍, Offense = 👎
lowest career offensive rating by a player; minimum 400

lowest offensive rating by a player in a season since 1979; minimum 1000

lowest career net rating by a player; minimum 400

lowest assist percentage by a player; minimum 400

Manute Bol is the only player in NBA history with more career blocked shots than points.
manute bol career pts,

One of the Worst Things Ever Televised

A Good Summary of Manute’s Post NBA Life

Manute Reflects on His Life & Career in One of His Last Interviews

Manute Remembered as a Symbol of Unity

The Bol Legacy Continues

For More Information:

For the best profile of Manute Bol, from his journey to the NBA, his career and his post-basketball endeavors, read the superb article “The Defender” by Jordan Conn for The Atavist magazine.