How Major League Baseball Has Joined Other Leagues In Embracing Extreme Outcomes

While the other two major sports leagues have seen huge shifts toward embracing the more extreme outcomes of their respective game, Major League Baseball, not known to quickly embrace change, is finally joining them with an unprecedented rise in what’s known as the Three True Outcomes. Chad Shanks and Justin Kubatko explain it as they rock the mic like a vandal in Episode 30, “To the Extreme.”

Listen to the embedded audio and browse through the StatMuse stats mentioned in the episode (data accurate as of the date of publication).

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The Three True Outcomes

Percentage of plate appearances that ended with one of the Three True Outcomes (home run, strikeout, or walk).

Leaders of the Revolution

No team has shown more of an ability to succeed by embracing the all or nothing approach this season than the Houston Astros. They currently lead the majors in home runs while also having the fewest strikeouts. If it holds, they’ll join the 1995 Cleveland Indians as the only team to accomplish that feat in the live ball era.

Which team has the most HR this season?
Which team has the fewest Ks this season?

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