How Removing Hand-Checking Enabled the NBA’s Scoring Explosion

With the NBA completing a record-shattering season, Chad Shanks and Justin Kubatko evaluate reasons that could have led to the league-wide offensive explosion and track the trends back to the banishment of hand-checking.

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The Record-Shattering 2016–17 Season

In addition to Russell Westbrook breaking the record for most triple-doubles in a season by a player, the league overall had 117 triple-doubles in 2016–17, shattering the previous record of 78 from 1988–89.

Who had the most triple-doubles this season?

There were also 110 instances of a player scoring 40+ points in a game, trailing only the 1961–62 season where Wilt Chamberlain had 63 such games just by himself.

Who had the most games with 40+ points this season?

In addition, 10 different players had a 50-point game this season, breaking the previous record of eight, which was done twice (as recently as the 2015–16 season).

Who had the most games with 50+ points this season?

Finally, an NBA-record 13 players averaged at least 25 PPG.

Who had the highest PPG this season (minimum 25 PPG)?

Several of the league-wide highs (or lows, given the specific stat) have been trending steadily since the 2004–05 season, which is the first year the league started enforcing the hand-check rule, which limits any hand/arm contact a defender can make with an opponent on offense.

Team Points Per Game By Season
Team Offensive Rating By Season
Team eFG% By Season
Team Pace By Season
Team 3PA Per FGA By Season
Team Free Throw Rate By Season
Team Offensive Rebound Percentage By Season
Team Turnover Percentage By Season

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